The Worries Book


The Worries Book written by Rachel Taranaki – part of the Crystal Companions Collection by Babyopathy

We all have worries but when you’re little, the worries can seem too big. This book will help children to understand that it’s OK, we can talk worries away.

When you purchase this book you can access our Storytelling course on our website which helps you to make the most of the book through the storytelling, downloadable meditation and guidance.

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The Worries, written by former nursery professional and mum of 2, Rachel Taranaki, is the first book in the series featuring the Crystal Companions Collection, a range of sensory toys with a piece of rose quartz sewn inside to support children’s emotional wellbeing.

The Worries book helps children to understand it’s OK to have worries and feel sad sometimes and we can work through our worries by talking. We can talk to our crystal companion, an adult and well you will see when you read the book.



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