Babyopathy: Relaxed Mum, Contented Baby!




Babyopathy Relaxed Mum, Contented Baby is first and foremost about Angela’s research into the effects of stress during pregnancy and how to combat this using her sensory techniques to enjoy a positive and relaxed pregnancy and birth to have a relaxed and contented baby. It is also about having lots of information so that you, as parents, can do what is right for you and your family wherever possible. More and more people are recognising the need to de-stress in our busy lives. Angela wants to help empower mums with the information they need to know about their sensory journey when pregnant and their baby’s sensory experiences in the womb too, so they can make positive choices wherever possible. Just as important is giving parents ways to help nurture the sensory journeys and help de-stress and relax to enjoy their pregnancies, birth and beyond! Angela’s message is ‘we should be mums supporting mums through a journey that wherever possible should be positive, nurtured and supported. By giving mums as much information as possible they can make the right decisions for them and their family then they are relaxed mums with contented babies!’


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