Babyopathy Labour Day Pure Essential Oil (5ml)


A pure essential oil blend of Frankincense and Lavender that can be inhaled during labour to encourage calmer, deeper breathing and help relieve pain.

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Giving birth seems to have become a negative and traumatic event for many mums and we want to turn this around! This simple blend of aromatherapy essential oils is designed to support your wellbeing during labour. By inhaling directly, the calming oils will help you to breathe more deeply through contractions and assist with pain management. Staying as calm and relaxed as possible during childbirth helps to reduce the risk of complications and nurtures a more relaxed and contented baby on arrival.

Our Labour Day aromatherapy blend contains pure essential oils of Frankincense and Lavender. Many women have used this oil throughout their entire labour or up until the final stage of delivery before progressing to gas and air.

Frankincense is a deeply calming oil that can quieten and focus the mind and encourage slower, deeper breathing. Studies have shown that it helps to reduce pain intensity during the first stages of labour. (Link to study)

Lavender is soothing and calming and is believed to reduce pain whilst strengthening contractions. (Link to study)

How to use our Labour Day essential oil:

Our Labour Day oil can be inhaled direct from the bottle or from an aromatherapy inhaler. At the first sign of contractions, inhale slowly and deeply through the nose during each contraction, blowing out through the mouth. Try not to tense your body, especially yours hands, as this will help relaxation and efficiency of contraction. Move the bottle or inhaler away as the contraction subsides. The oil may also be used in an aromatherapy diffuser in the delivery suite to support those surrounding you for the birth.


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