Babyopathy Birthing Gift Set


Our Babyopathy Birthing Gift Set contains Birth Day, Labour Day and Padsicle essential oil blends. Ideal for preparing you to push and for encouraging a more positive birth experience.

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Our Babyopathy Birthing Gift Set contains everything you need to prepare your body and mind for delivery day.

A must-have for your hospital bag, this pregnancy gift set contains:-

5ml Birth Day essential oil with Mandarin, Clary Sage, Jasmine, Lavender, Neroli and Rose. Can be used from 38 weeks to keep you calm and get your body prepped for birth.

5ml Labour Day essential oil with Frankincense and Lavender to encourage calmer, deeper breathing and assist with pain relief during contractions.

5ml Padsicle Soother essential oil with Helichrysum, Geranium and Lavender. This can be mixed into a soothing spritz or cooling gel and applied to maternity pads to ease post-delivery discomfort and promote healing ‘down below’. Can also be used for c-section wound care.

Please see individual product pages for more information on these oils and how to use them.

Safety note: DO NOT use Birth Day essential oil prior to 38 weeks.


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