Babyopathy Backpacker Pure Essential Oil (5ml)


A pure essential oil blend of Neroli, Sandalwood and Frankincense. Suitable for use during the third trimester of pregnancy to keep you calm and relaxed as you pack your hospital bag and prepare for the journey of parenthood.

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Was named so because you are about to embark on the biggest journey of your life! Plus you’ll be needing to pack all the essentials for the ride! This oil specifically encourages relaxation and de-stressing during this all-important trimester when a mum to be SHOULD be resting and nesting but instead is most often still working and rushing around – and we wonder why birthing is becoming so traumatic! SO let this oil take care of your mind, your emotions but most importantly the wellbeing of your pregnancy and baby.

The third trimester is as exciting and full of promise as it is exhausting and uncomfortable. It may also be an anxious time if you’re worrying about what lies ahead. These last few weeks are hugely important to your wellbeing and that of your baby, and it is vital that you take some time to ‘rest’ and ‘nest’. Yes, you’ll need to finalise your birth plan and pack your hospital bag, but the emphasis should really be on rest.

Stress is one of the biggest contributing factors to premature birth and birth complications, so finding ways to relax and de-stress is your number one priority for this trimester. Establishing an evening relaxation and bedtime routine will not only support you and your pregnancy but will also nurture your baby’s routine when they are born, as they will be influenced by the pattern of rest you set during these final weeks – no absolute guarantees though as every baby is unique!

Our Backpacker essential oil contains a soothing, sensual blend of Neroli, Sandalwood and Frankincense essential oils.

Neroli has a calming, anti-stress action and is especially valuable if you’re feeling anxious. It can help to soothe muscular tension and is a gentle sedative that can encourage more restful sleep. It can also be helpful for stretch marks.

Sandalwood has a calming, relaxing, uplifting action that is excellent for soothing nervous tension and depression. It helps to quieten the mind and supports inner unity.

Frankincense is deeply calming and can help to revitalise and lift the spirits. It is also thought to help break links with the past, which may be relevant as your new journey begins. Like Neroli it is excellent for the skin and may help to lessen the appearance of stretch marks.

How to use our Backpacker essential oil:

We recommend using 2-3 drops of this essential oil in an aromatherapy diffuser as part of your relaxation routine at any time of day.

Warm (but not hot) baths are also lovely and relaxing and excellent for easing tension and back pain. Add 3 drops of essential oil to 15ml of Bath Oil and add to the bath once the water has run.

You can also massage your bump after a warm bath by mixing 1 drop of Backpacker essential oil per 5ml of carrier oil or our luxurious Bump & Bits Massage Oil. This will help nourish the skin, aid relaxation and ease aches and pains, and is also a lovely way to connect with your baby.

Alternatively, why not nurture your relationship with your partner by enjoying a massage together before baby arrives!

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Boswellia carterii, Citrus aurantium, Santalum spicata


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