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Maternity Unit Bombed in Ukraine

I can't believe I have written those words, that in this modern world with all that we have faced over the past century and most recent years we are seeing scenes such as this.

War is something that causes deep rooted trauma and leaves lifelong scars, not just physical ones, for the unborn babies right through the early years and beyond. This morning we saw an unimaginable scene of total devastation at a maternity hospital in Ukraine.

‘I have no interest in political statements right now, what I have just witnessed is an atrocity beyond words of comprehension. There is no excuse for this act towards innocent women and their babies. The world cannot begin to understand the trauma for the unborn babies and the impact on their future lives. Stress during pregnancy outside times such as war can have a negative impact on the wellbeing of babies and their developing brain. High stress times such as we those are seeing in the war zones of Ukraine have the potential to be devastating to a whole generation. I must speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves right now.”

You will see from my previous blogs how stress increases risks to both Mum and the unborn baby, it also highlights the impact throughout the early years and childhood. We must not ignore this situation, we must find a way to support the women, babies and children who have no control over the situation they find themselves in.

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