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Imbolc Mamas

Imbolc - what a magical time to be pregnant and especially to give birth, as Imbolc literally translates to 'in the belly' and the energy of new life and new beginnings!

We have hunkered down all Winter (well it feels like for the last two years to be truthful) and the approaching Imbolc brings hope, hope of the coming sun, the prospect of new life and new beginnings, and Mamas you are currently nurturing both!

Babyopathy encourages you to embrace your energy journey, because we are energy beings, we have auras, chakras, a subtle energy system and it can be affected negatively as well as positively. Through my own channeling I show you not only your journey, but your baby's too and how their energy and chakras etc develop in the womb and beyond.

Imbolc is a time to open yourself up to your nature connections and energy journey as it is a magical time when the earth is stirring with the first signs of life, when the ewes are with lamb and are producing milk - this used to be a welcome form of sustenance after the harsh winters and why traditionally butter and cheese are used to celebrate.

Imbolc is a time for us to set our intentions for the new beginnings we want to bring in to our lives this year, so you see why it is a magical time for Mamas as you're about to embark on an amazing new journey - motherhood!

So start thinking about your plans for you new beginnings for the year, write them down and get ready to cast them in to the Imbolc fire. Follow my Instagram for more!

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