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International Women’s Day – The Most Important Work

In a world where women are striving for equality at work and social media has exploded, this year’s IWD theme could not be better – Balance for Better!

The balance for better we should be striving for is time to nurture our children. They need you, not a screen or you staring at a screen.

Employers need to respect that family time needs to be family time for both parents! Women need time to be a mother and we are not giving them that. Work pressures mean they do not go on maternity leave until its very close to their due date when they should be resting, nesting and de-stressing during their last trimester. Then, because we only pay them for 6 months, many women are forced to return to work at a key developmental stage of separation anxiety for their babies – and then we wonder why the rates of post natal depression is on the rise and anxiety or mental health concerns in babies and young children is growing at a phenomenal rate too!

  • educate mums on the importance of the trimesters and taking care of themselves against the pressures of work
  • provide an SMP (statutory maternity pay) system that actually benefits motherhood and baby wellbeing – at least 6 weeks before their due date to baby’s 1st Birthday!
  • acknowledge that mum and baby mental health wellbeing is at an all time low and make changes that matter!

My Balance for Better battle cry is simple; Children are not a distraction from important work. They are the most important work. – CS Lewis

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