Our Story

Hello and welcome to my world! I am a mum, a grandmother and a wife. I’m also an author, pregnancy & baby wellness expert, childcare consultant, business coach, aromatherapist, reiki, heka & crystal master, women’s networking director and serial entrepreneur plus I find time for TV, radio and magazine interviews and appearances… wow, all that crammed in one crazy, happy and positive life!

Oh, and I love llamas too!

My passion is to empower mums and mums-to-be to have positive  pregnancy, birth and baby experiences through conscious sensory connections that is my Babyopathy programme. This includes promoting a healthy lifestyle through the Juice Plus+ supplements and a healthy mind through my meditation downloads.

To support this I also launched a campaign called Routine in the Womb with an awareness month each June and I still continue consulting in the childcare profession to share my 25 years of knowledge and experience to make every child’s life a sensory and positive one wherever possible.

As a business woman and serial entrepreneur, my work doesn’t stop there. I am an advocate of CBD (Cannabidoil) and as such am official ‘Llama Wrangler’ for Cannabeenz Chocolate,  as I love to find ways to have as much ‘family time’ as possible I have launched Train From Anywhere – a training portal that allows you to have your own online training platform as a fraction of the usual costs, I am a Regional Director for The Athena Network and am in the final developmental stage of an exciting new networking app!

Now, through our online training, local consultants and Angela’s continual work, Babyopathy can help nurture more babies from conception, through pregnancy, birth and throughout baby’s first years.

What we do

Routine in the Womb

Are you pregnant over 24 weeks? Do you know your baby’s movement routine in the womb? You should, and here’s why

Mentor Mums

There are so many new fads out there when it comes to raising babies that many new parents end up exhausted, frustrated and heading down a path of depression! Our consultants can help!

Babyopathy Classes

Whether it is Mum and Baby or Dad and baby, whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding and whether you are a first time parent or second, third or more times parent, at Babyopathy classes you are ALL welcome! There’s no judgement here!

Say Hello to Angela

Angela opened her first nursery aged just 21 years old. With a background in training and HR dealing with women on maternity leave, she soon realised there was a need for a nursery in her local area. When she had her own children (who are now 18 and 22) , neither of them slept for more than two hours for three years! So, she began researching everything that can have an impact on a baby and children eventually introducing the her own sensory and nature based development programme in to her nurseries in 2000. Over the years, and with continual research, Angela has positively influenced the lives and development of thousands of children, this achievement culminating in being named one of the Top 10 Most Influential in Childcare in 2017. Angela published her first book in 2014, bringing Babyopathy to everyone, and not just the children in her care. Since then, she has worked with many women privately through their pregnancy, birth and baby journey with Babyopathy being named by Mother & Baby magazine as ‘The New Routine for 2017’.