Henna tree of life design on a woman's pregnant belly

My Vision

I believe every woman has the strength to carry & birth her baby, however due to the pressures of social media, the continued media judgment and negative stories that surround us, many women have lost the belief in themselves and are feeling isolated, lost and scared. It shouldn’t be this way. My vision is to make pregnancy & birth positive again!

With Babyopathy I will immerse you in your energy world and connect you with your baby in the womb in an unprecedented  process and concept that I developed and is unique to Babyopathy. Enabling you to connect to your baby’s energy and chakras and nurture their wellbeing. Yes your baby’s chakras are developing too! 

I will introduce you to your baby’s first conscious sensory connections around 24 weeks and show you how to interact with and influence your baby’s wellbeing in the womb through their sensory world. Through the Babyopathy toolkit, which includes my essential oil blends, music & meditation, crystals and more, I will ask you to STOP, for a ‘Baby Pause‘ every day – something I invented many years ago when I first published my book and now actively promote for both mum’s wellbeing and baby’s wellbeing through the Routine in the Womb campaign.

Creating and immersing yourself in the sensory oasis of your Baby Pause (30mins with your feet up in your ‘relaxation zone’) will help you to reduce the impacts of the modern day menace that is stress during pregnancy, but will also enable you to positively influence your baby’s routine, wellbeing, future mental health and development and even their education.

Finally, I will re-connect you to the natural world and show you the importance of your inbuilt connection to nature that nurtures our wellbeing (known as the Biophilia Hypothesis) and why it matters to your baby both in the womb and once they are born.

You can of course read all of this for yourself in my book (follow the link to Books above), or for a very small number of mums every year I can be your ‘Mentor Mum‘ and walk you through a personalised Babyopathy journey, just fill out the form below to contact me.

However, if you want to fully immerse yourself in the energy, sensory and nature journey of your pregnancy and your baby, including how their chakras develop (and how you can nurture them), how to close their aura at birth, how to enjoy a relaxed, positive birth and reduce your risks of negative birth outcomes and much more, come and join the Babyopathy Mamas Club!